Birth Time rectification Module: Unlock Precision, Unlock Destiny.

Birth time rectification software

Birth Time Rectification and the creation of an ACCURATE horoscope is one of the most intricate and sought-after services in the world of astrological consulting. An accurately rectified horoscope acts as a potent tool for destiny transformation, serving as a key to a happier, healthier, and prosperous life. Event forecasting becomes impossible without an appropriately rectified birth time. An error of just four minutes in the birth time can lead to a forecast error of an entire year, rendering the prediction meaningless.

Birth time rectification software

Bridging the Gap Between Time and Destiny

Rectifying or determining the precise birth time is a labor-intensive task, demanding an astrologer’s extensive knowledge, patience, and inspiration. Without the right software tools, this process can drag on for days, weeks, or even months. Due to the exhaustive nature of this work, it can lead to burnout, causing many astrologers to shy away from offering rectification to their clients, even considering that the average cost of this service can run into the hundreds of dollars

Empowering Astrologers, Enlightening Lives

Our school’s specialists recognize the significance and necessity of rectifying as many horoscopes as possible. Knowing one’s exact birth time down to the minute and second allows individuals to strategically plan their lives, sidestepping potential pitfalls and maximizing benefits. Thus, one of our school’s primary training focuses is equipping astrologers with the secrets of birth time rectification, empowering them to apply these skills in practice and help more and more people steer their destinies toward brighter outcomes.


Features of Birth Time Rectification Module:

The Birth Time Rectification Module encompasses all the essential features for swiftly, conveniently, and accurately determining the correct birth time down to the second:

Validating the birth time range based on significant life events.

Calculating the presumed time given the presence of an official marriage

Retro Forecasting – validating the correct birth time using already occurred life events

After verifying the obtained birth time through retro forecasting, you can confidently gaze into the future.

Who can access it?

This functionality is available exclusively to students and graduates of the Master Of Birth Time Rectification And Prognosis course

Destiny's Detail, Delivered.

Navigate life’s intricacies with unparalleled precision. Our astrological software, powered by decades of expertise and innovation, delves deeper into the cosmic blueprints, refining your birth time down to the exact second. Embrace clarity, empower decisions, and chart your life’s journey with the accuracy you deserve. It’s not just about stars; it’s about your story, fine-tuned.

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