Compatibility - Synastry Module: Unearth the Secrets of Synergy: Let the Stars Guide Your Bonds.

Astrological compatibility inquiries are among the most common in any astrologer’s practice. Our software enables quick, efficient, and highly reliable processing of these questions.

Who can access it?

The “Astrological Compatibility Calculation” module is available for students and graduates of the Astrological compatibility (synastry) and Synastry Mastery: Advanced Astrological Compatibility Techniques courses.

Amateur Astrologers Who Look to the Stars to Guide their Life Choices:

Discover the secrets of the universe with our state-of-the-art compatibility software. Perfect for those who are beginning their journey into the stars, our platform offers intuitive insights to help you plan both your destiny and that of your loved ones.

Professional Consulting Astrologers Specializing in Synastry:

Enhance your synastry readings with our cutting-edge compatibility software. Designed for professionals like you, our platform ensures in-depth and accurate relational insights that will leave your clients in awe.

Professional Astrologers Focusing on Natal Chart Readings:

Diversify your consultations with our pioneering compatibility software. If you're an expert in natal charts and aim to provide holistic readings that encompass compatibility insights, our platform is the perfect tool to complement your sessions

Felicita Astrology Software Compatibility (Synastry) Module Perfect for:

• Choosing the best partner out of several options.
• Resolving love triangles.
• Planning interactions in small groups (e.g., joint tours, trekking, or yacht trips).
• Work team dynamics.
• Family relationships, excluding marital (like between children and parents, or other relatives).
• And so forth.

Note: This module doesn’t provide a personal life analysis based on the natal chart, nor does it indicate time periods when one might meet someone. Those aspects are covered in the natal chart analysis module and in forecasts.

Finding Harmony in the Stars: Unveil True Compatibility with Every Connection.

The program conducts an analysis based on a unique algorithm derived from statistics of tens of thousands of horoscopes, assessing compatibility in various areas. Detailed analysis allows for a reliable conclusion about the potential of various unions in both personal and public life, including:

Conflict Potential:

This evaluates the tendencies and triggers that might lead to disagreements or clashes between individuals. By understanding these potential conflict zones, you can navigate and manage disagreements more effectively.

Sexual Attraction:

This dimension assesses the physical and sensual connection between partners. It indicates the intensity, chemistry, and passion they might experience together, providing insights into their intimate bond.

Seal of Happiness:

This provides a glimpse into the joy, contentment, and positive energies that flourish in the relationship. It signifies the moments of happiness and the potential for lasting joy between the two.

Financial Gain or Loss:

Examine the financial dynamics and implications of the relationship. Whether it's about shared financial goals, potential prosperity, or risks of financial setbacks, this provides a comprehensive outlook on monetary matters.

Psychological Compatibility:

Delve deep into the mental and emotional alignment between two individuals. This sheds light on shared values, communication styles, and mutual understanding, highlighting the strength of the mental bond.

Gender Compatibility:

Explore how traditional gender roles, expectations, and dynamics play out in a relationship. This gives an understanding of how two individuals might align in terms of societal norms and their personal beliefs about gender.

Seal of Unhappiness:

A mirror to the Seal of Happiness, this evaluates the challenges, pitfalls, and negative energies that might arise in the relationship. It's a forecast of potential pain points and areas to be cautious about.

Karmic Interaction:

Delve into the deeper, spiritual connections between individuals. Understand how past life experiences, karmic debts, and spiritual journeys might intersect, influence, and shape the relationship's destiny.

Elevate Your Bonds: Decode the Universe's Blueprint for Compatibility.

Creating love match charts can be a complex task, especially when examining secondary factors that don’t impact the potential and longevity of a relationship. This compatibility calculation module evaluates those factors that directly influence the possibility of a union between two individuals, eliminating unnecessary theorization and irrelevant data. It provides all the needed information for an astrologer to draw their conclusions.

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