Medical Astrology Module. Harnessing the Universe for Better Health

Our medical astrology software is unparalleled in its innovation and depth. Crafted with precision and backed by years of extensive research, it stands alone in its field with no true analogues. It’s not just software; it’s a pioneering tool that fuses astrological insights with medical expertise in a manner that has never been seen or replicated before.


Each feature transforms the software into an invaluable companion for those seeking to integrate astrological insights into their health journey.

Root Causes of Illnesses:

The software delves beyond surface symptoms to unearth the foundational astrological signatures that might predispose an individual to certain health conditions. By understanding these root astrological causes, users can get a holistic perspective on why specific ailments might manifest, allowing them to approach their health proactively.

How Diseases Progress:

With its intricate algorithms and vast medical-astrological database, the software forecasts the potential progression and trajectory of diseases. By mapping how certain health conditions can evolve over time, users can better prepare and possibly intervene in the early stages, mitigating severe complications.

Which Body Systems are Problematic:

Beyond just pinpointing specific illnesses, the software offers a macro view of which body systems—be it the cardiovascular, respiratory, or nervous systems, among others—might be vulnerable or under stress. This broad overview allows users to focus on strengthening entire systems, enhancing overall wellness.

Specific Health Challenges One Will Face:

The software's comprehensive database outlines more than 150 distinct illnesses, providing users with a detailed health landscape. This ensures that they're not only aware of potential minor health nuisances but also more severe challenges they might encounter, empowering them to take preventive measures or seek early interventions.

Choosing a Residence to Better Health Outcomes:

Recognizing the profound impact of one's environment on health, the software offers insights into how different locations might influence well-being. Whether it's the energetic vibration of a place or its astrological resonance with an individual's birth chart, users are guided in selecting residences that could optimize their health outcomes.

Precise Predictions:

Armed with the precision of an accurately rectified birth time, the software's predictions reach a level of detail that is truly astounding. For instance, it can pinpoint specific months or even days when an individual might be more susceptible to certain health challenges, like lung inflammation in December or cardiovascular issues in July. This granularity allows users to be vigilant and take timely actions.

Who Stands to Benefit?

Our Health Module is designed for students and graduates of our Medical Astrology course. It’s tailored for those who already have a solid theoretical foundation and are well-versed in the subject matter.

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