Mastering Astrology Basics. Read the Stars, Rewrite Your Future.

Astrology for beginners

At our school, we pride ourselves on offering a comprehensive curriculum designed for real-world application. Our courses are meticulously crafted, ensuring students grasp both the theory and practice of astrology. With access to cutting-edge tools like the Felicita software, learning becomes streamlined and effective. Whether you’re looking to understand personal natal charts or aiming for a professional consulting career, our program equips you with the tangible skills necessary to interpret and apply astrological insights accurately. Step into a practical journey of understanding with us.

Astrology for beginners

Master Your Destiny with Our Basic Astrology Course

Beyond the foundational principles of astrology, this course dives into the transformative realm of destiny management. Every individual possesses the power to influence and shape their life’s trajectory. While a natal chart can illustrate predestined paths and patterns, it’s not a rigid roadmap. Within this course, you’ll unlock the secrets of altering your horoscope, enabling you to influence and even change the sequence of events in your destiny. Learn not only to read the stars but also to interact with them, embracing the potential to guide your future towards desired outcomes. Navigate your cosmic journey with knowledge, intent, and empowerment.

Intro to Astrology: Your Starting Point

Our Basic Astrology course is a must-take for all newcomers to our school. Dive right into the foundational lingo and concepts of astrology, setting the stage for all the advanced courses that follow.

But we won’t keep it all theoretical. Right from the get-go, you’ll dive hands-on into natal charts of familiar faces—be it family or friends. By connecting your fresh knowledge to real-life scenarios you’re already aware of, you’ll not only grasp the concepts more effectively but also witness firsthand the practical magic of astrological insights.

The Significance of Structured Learning in Astrology:

Studying astrology is akin to learning a rich and complex language, where each symbol, house, and aspect holds profound meaning. To truly comprehend and articulate this cosmic language, a structured approach is vital. Diving in without guidance or a well-defined path can lead to chaotic interpretations, misconstrued meanings, and, in some cases, glaring inaccuracies. A flawed understanding or a mistaken reading of a natal chart isn’t just a minor error; it can lead to profound misconceptions, potentially steering someone off their authentic life path. Such misdirection can result in significant personal and emotional turmoil. By learning astrology in a structured, systematic manner, one ensures clarity, accuracy, and the responsible application of this ancient wisdom. It safeguards against pitfalls and ensures that the astrological insights provided are both valid and valuable.

Your Astrology Journey: Powered by the Felicita Software

Starting with our Basic Astrology Course, you’ll be granted complimentary access to the Felicita astrological software for the duration of your studies. Consider Felicita your digital companion, designed to bolster your learning experience and ease your transition into a professional setting. Begin your astrological exploration with the right tools in hand. With Felicita supporting your journey, you’re set up for both academic and professional success.

Here’s what to expect:

Unwavering Support:

Felicita streamlines complex astrological calculations, ensuring that as you dive into the foundations of astrology, you can focus on understanding rather than getting bogged down by the numbers.

Consultation Ready:

Looking ahead, Felicita is not just a learning tool. As you venture into astrological consulting, this software ensures a seamless, efficient, and profitable practice, saving you time and effort.

Hands-On Experience:

During the basic course, you'll dive deep into Felicita's features. You'll explore sections such as Horoscope, Houses, Aspects, the influence of Planets, and the intricate House Relations table.

Laying the Foundation with Our Basic Astrology Course

Even the most profound journeys begin with a single step, and our Basic Astrology Course represents that essential starting point. Rooted in the astrological alphabet, this course is meticulously designed to prepare students for the intricacies of the Advanced Natal Chart Reading Course.

Even if you’ve dabbled in astrology before, this foundational course is crucial. Each astrological school has its unique approach, tools, and nuances. So, regardless of your prior knowledge, this course ensures that you are equipped with our specific set of tools and methodologies essential for deeper explorations later on.

Not New to Astrology?

We understand that every learner is unique, and some might come with a wealth of prior astrological understanding. If you believe you’ve covered some of the basics, we encourage you to reach out to our support team. Share your existing knowledge with us, and based on your proficiency, you could be eligible for a discount on this course. After all, our primary goal is to ensure a seamless and comprehensive learning experience for every aspiring astrologer.


Galaxies of Knowledge Await. Embark on Your Astrological Adventure Here

By mastering this Basic Astrology Course, you will:

Gain a Solid Foundation:

Acquire a thorough understanding of the core principles of astrology, setting the stage for more advanced studies and applications.

Enhance Self-awareness:

Through a deeper understanding of astrological signs and charts, you will gain insights into their personalities, strengths, challenges, and life paths.

Empower Decision-making:

With knowledge of how celestial bodies influence events, you will make more informed choices in various aspects of life, from relationships to career.

Enrich Personal Relationships:

Understanding the natal charts of oneself and others can foster better communication, empathy, and deeper connections in personal relationships.

Lay Groundwork for Advanced Studies:

This course serves as a prerequisite for more specialized courses, ensuring you are well-prepared to tackle complex astrological topics and interpretations in the future.

Open Career Opportunities:

Armed with this foundational knowledge, you are poised to delve into specialized astrological fields, potentially pursuing careers as astrologers, consultants, or writers.

Exclusive Tools Access:

Harness the power of specialized astrological tools and software, enhancing accuracy and insights in readings and interpretations.

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