Medical Astrology. Why Endure Illness and Suffering when Astrology Offers Reliable Health Solutions?

Medical astrology

Throughout human history, the age-old question of “Why do we suffer?” has haunted our collective consciousness. Whether it’s from a philosophical, spiritual, or practical standpoint, the inquiry remains a universal experience. But what if some of these ailments and tribulations could be anticipated, understood, and even avoided? Enter the realm of medical astrology.

* Prerequisites: This advanced course is available for students who have successfully completed our foundational Master Of Birth Time Rectification And Prognosis Course

Medical astrology

Medical Astrology Course: Unveiling the Astrological Secrets to Health

Medical astrology consistently ranks as one of the top inquiries for consulting astrologers. Many practitioners, relying on traditional or classical methods, find themselves limited in predicting health outcomes, often only correlating astrological factors with existing conditions. While some astrologers might guide clients towards merely accepting their health challenges, our philosophy is different.
Our belief is in empowering individuals. Instead of just accepting health issues, we aim to address them with proven and effective astrological methods.

However, due to the intricacies and responsibilities associated with medical astrology, this course is reserved for students who’ve successfully completed our core curriculum and earned their diploma.

Where Astrology Meets Anatomy: Your Health Odyssey

Join us on this transformative journey, placing the mysteries of health quite literally in the palms of your hands.

Unravel the intricate link between zodiacal principles and human anatomy

Discover how the zodiac's principles directly correlate with our body's systems, revealing a unique perspective on health.

Decode the astrological triggers behind the onset of diseases

Learn to interpret astrological signs and patterns that can indicate potential health challenges or susceptibilities.

Delve deep into over 150 specific disease formulas, from heart attacks to schizophrenia

Acquire comprehensive insights into astrological formulas that detail various ailments, helping you understand their cosmic roots.

Understand the astrological indicators for organ vulnerabilities

Grasp how specific astrological elements can hint at weaknesses or sensitivities in particular organs or body systems.

Recognize the astrological patterns behind disease progression, including cancer manifestations

Gain the ability to spot and interpret the astrological sequences that chart the course of disease development, with a focus on understanding how cancers emerge astrologically.

Explore the fascinating interaction between one’s health and geographic relocation, emphasizing both natal and relocation charts

Delve into how a change in location can impact an individual's health, understanding the dynamic interplay between their birth chart and the astrology of their new residence.

Medical astrology

Shaping Health Destiny: Our Proactive Astrological Approach

At our school, we challenge the conventional notion of merely accepting illnesses. Instead, we champion a proactive approach, empowering our students with the tools and knowledge to not only warn of potential health challenges but also to mitigate and even prevent them. Our emphasis is on harnessing the power of astrology to actively shape one’s health destiny, rather than passively resigning to it.

Why Enroll?

An astrologer versed in medical astrology stands as one of the most invaluable assets in the field. Their depth of knowledge has the profound potential to not just interpret, but to truly impact lives. With the ability to discern health challenges before they fully manifest, such an astrologer doesn’t just predict—it’s possible they may save lives. In the vast realm of astrology, medical expertise distinguishes one as truly exceptional.


Medical Astrology Module - Astrological Insights at Your Fingertips

To further enhance your learning experience and consultation proficiency, we’ve integrated our course with the Felicita astrology program. This software will be your steadfast companion, especially focusing on the “Health” module.

At our school, students are granted complimentary access to our distinctive software designed to swiftly calculate health-related astrological insights. With just a few clicks, the software unveils a comprehensive profile, decrypting diseases one will encounter throughout their lifetime. For a rectified horoscope, the program builds prognostic charts of diseases with day-to-day accuracy. This state-of-the-art tool transforms intricate astrological data into actionable health foresights, placing invaluable knowledge right at your fingertips.

Our Health Module software stands unparalleled in the world of astrological tools. There are no analogues to this innovative technology, making it a groundbreaking and exclusive offering in the realm of health astrology.

Medical astrology school

Where the Cosmos Aligns with Cure

The universe has its unique way of communicating with us, guiding us, and sometimes, warning us. While suffering is an undeniable aspect of the human experience, tools like medical astrology can provide invaluable insights, potentially altering the trajectory of our health journey. Why endure preventable suffering when the stars might hold the answers we seek?

Your Role as a Medical Astrologer:

As a medical astrology consultant, your primary role isn't to replace medical professionals. Instead, it’s about harnessing the power of the stars to offer insights: pinpointing potential health pitfalls, aiding in diagnosis, and suggesting astrological remedies that complement conventional treatments. Particularly valuable is the ability to trace the root cause of ailments and to forecast health trends based on astrological prediction methods.

Leverage the Power of Prognostic Tools:

Through this course, you'll also learn how to predict specific times when illnesses might surface, gauge their severity, and identify phases conducive to recovery. This expertise includes determining optimal times for elective surgeries or when urgent medical intervention might be most fruitful.

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